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Alan Barlow

If you got this far into the website you must have a deep interest in photography, or maybe you are a little bored.

I'm a guy who loves natural beauty, small towns, animals and wildlife, small children, nice people, the E. Sierra, Catalina Island, and the natural, unspoiled State of California. When I was born here there were less than 10 million people living in California; now there are close to 40 million.  Don't blame me....I'm a long-time native. I also love the history and exploration of the "early West"; but at the same time dislike much of the mistreatment of native Americans that took place during that period.

I feel that one of my most important roles in life is to pass on, through photography and word, the beauty, grandeur and diversity of natural California, and the West, to those who are not aware. For example, at a photo lab where I get my film processed the young lady behind the counter said, "Is this in California? I didn't know we had places like this?"  She was referring to some fall photos I had taken along Bishop Creek.

I will be adding and subtracting to and from this commentary as time goes on.  Here I am in a nutshell:

  • Raised on Catalina Island.

  • Achievements (of sorts): Bachelor's Degree from Cal-State Fullerton in Business  100-ton Ocean Operators License, Registered Communications Distribution Designer, FAA pilot ratings: Commercial SEL , Instrument.  And I Married Debbie, who inspired me to be who I am to my fullest.

  • I first saw the E. Sierra when I learned to ski at June Lake in 1971; I was in awe then, and am in awe now.

  • After more than 13 years shooting in the E. Sierra I am just beginning to capture the scenes that I list of "photo assignments" gets longer with every photograph I take, as I keep seeing more and more possibilities.

  • Moved to the E. Sierra in 2009 to live a better, more loving, more fulfilling and more spiritual life.

  • I know that I still have a long way to go to become the photographic artist that I can be. I will continue to work on honing my skills for as long as this body holds up. Too bad I don't have a passion for portraits; I think a studio would be a lot easier on me than the Sierra.

Why I chose Catalina, click here.


Why I chose the Eastern Sierra, click here.


I hope to use what talent I have to awaken and inspire others to experience the same nature connection in the Eastern Sierra and other scenic areas; to share with those who rarely leave the city that there are truly other places that can challenge, inspire and change them if they so chose. Through this effort I also hope to instill a desire to preserve and respect natural beauty in the Eastern Sierra, California, and the rest of planet earth, and to nurture champions in that effort.



  • Catalina Art Association

  • Mono Lake Committee

  • Mono Council for the Arts

  • Eastern Sierra Land Trust

  • Friends of the Inyo

If this stuff really interests you please check back on occasion. If you are looking for photographic tips send me an email with your specific request.


Alan Barlow





-  When Winston Churchill was asked to cut arts funding in favour of the war effort he simply replied,

"Then what are we fighting for?"  -



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